This Blog…It was a big, round room with a high arched roof, and the walls and ceiling and floor were covered with large emeralds set closely together.

In a word, the whale was seized and sold, and his Grace the Duke of Wellington received the money. Thinking that viewed in some particular lights, the case might by a bare possibility in some small degree be deemed, under the circumstances, a rather hard one, an honest clergyman of the town addressed a note to his Grace.

x John Sinclair

John Sinclair has been a cultural icon since the 1960’s when he kicked out the jams as manager of legendary Detroit rockers, MC5. Labelled a subversive for his support of the Black Panthers, Sinclair was set up in a drugs sting by undercover law enforcement and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for possession of 2 joints.

Sinclair’s friend, John Lennon proved a staunch ally and successfully campaigned for his release by penning the song ‘John Sinclair’ and organizing and playing at the John Sinclair Freedom Rally in Michigan in December 1971.

Since his release, Sinclair has created a constant stream of material, from poems and radio shows to articles, books and records in addition to speaking at events he supports. With his material spread over various platforms, shops and libraries, John wanted a website that would consolidate his work and to link his current activities. This would also need to include a webshop for his books and records and be easily updatable by his team.

Commissioned by The John Sinclair Foundation, YellowLight oversaw the project from concept to fruition and created a content management system with a bespoke framework that fulfilled all John’s goals. The finished work laid the ground for the foundations future goals needless to say, John was delighted with the result!

YellowLight built the infrastructure. Styles were created by the client. Visit the LIVE SITE.